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Your gift will build the partnerships and train the advocates needed to create better conditions for walking and biking in New Hampshire.

Do you want our streets to be friendly to bicyclists and the walking community? Do you think communities that have such streets have an economic advantage over those that don’t? Do you want pathways and trails to be maintained, supported and expanded? Do you want to see more people out walking and biking?

If you answered yes to any of these, you know how important your gift is.

A bike rack in a downtown area, half a mile of sidewalk, a protected bike lane, or bike/ped access across bridges:  all of these initiatives need the investment of time and resources from people like you, who love to bike and walk in New Hampshire.

Your gift to BWANH provides strategic support and direct advocacy for initiatives such as:

  • Improved infrastructure that is safe and convenient for bicyclists and pedestrians
  • Policy change that supports investment in better infrastructure
  • Education for children and adults, with certified instructors

Give today and be a hero to the biking and walking community.  Thank you!

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