The Bike-Walk Alliance of NH educates, advocates and agitates to improve conditions for walking and biking statewide.

Adult Education

It is never too late to start learning biking skills! From online refreshers to personal attention and group experiences, now is a great time to begin. Your local bicycle dealer or bike club is a great place to start.

Education for Kids

It is never too early to start learning biking skills! We work together with local groups to support educational opportunities such as local bike rodeos, in school bicycle education, youth camps, and other custom events.

Continuing for the 3rd year: BWANH can come FREE to your 4th & 5th grade class with a 45-minute bicycle and pedestrian safety education program.

The Bike-Walk Alliance of NH is pleased to announce that we are continuing our program for youth education in the schools. The main focus of these in-school safety and education training sessions are fourth and fifth grade students. If your school would be interested in scheduling a class please contact BWANH’s Bike Education Coordinator,  Leslie Thompson, at Send Mail.
The course materials were developed by the League of American Bicyclists and instructors are certified to teach the material. The number of classes will be limited, so we encourage you to send inquiries now, even if your interest is for a presentation in the spring of 2018.

  • Learning to Ride – Kids
  • Learning to Ride – Adults
  • Fixing a bike
  • Rules of the road for motorists.  Rules of the road for cyclists. Rules of the road for Pedestrians.
  • Learning to advocate for better infrastructure
  • Learning to advocate for better Policy
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