BWANH acts as fiscal sponsor for five affiliates:

Bike Manchester Logo

Bike Manchester wants more people riding bicycles in Manchester, New Hampshire, more often. They celebrate bicycling in the city and promote it by advocating for better bicycle infrastructure and safe bicycle riding.

Central New Hampshire Bicycle Coalition Logo

Central New Hampshire Bicycle Coalition inspires more people to ride bicycles more often. They believe that through education, advocacy, and support for access to bicycles and bicycling infrastructure they can make biking in the Concord area more prominent.

Friends of the Salem Bike Ped Corridor

Friends of the Salem Bicycle Pedestrian Corridor volunteers have created the first section of the Granite State Rail Trail, a 120-mile project from Salem to Lebanon.

       NH Rail Trails Coalition is seeking to develop, improve and promote non-motorized, multi-use rail trails for recreation and active transportation throughout New Hampshire.


Laconia Area Bicycle Exchange

Laconia Area Bicycle Exchange volunteers provide a means of inexpensive alternative transportation in the form of refurbished bicycles to adults and children who would benefit from greater mobility, especially those who cannot afford an automobile or who do not have a valid driver’s license.

       Congratulations to CLSRT for becoming an independent 501(c)(3)!!

Friends of Concord-Lake Sunapee Rail Tail are building a scenic, family-friendly bike and walking trail that connects the communities along the historic Concord & Claremont railroad line from Concord, NH to the southern tip of Lake Sunapee.