Adopt a Paving Project

Want wider shoulders on your favorite bike ride?

Is there some place that would benefit from a lower speed limit?

What about better signs alerting motorists to the presence of bicyclists?

Your best time to make these suggestions for a particular location is a few months in advance of a paving project. Lucky for you, the NH Department of Transportation has published a paving schedule online. (Big shout out to the folks at NHDOT for doing that!)

Here’s a guide to finding your project and identifying the person to receive your suggestions.

  • Click on this link to load a viewer that shows where paving projects are located.
  • Zoom and pan to get a more detailed view. 2017 projects are in red, 2018 projects are in blue.
  • Click on the project number to get more information about that project.
  • Identify the funding source. That determines who you will contact.
    • If funding is “Betterment” or “SB367 TIFIA”, your contact is

Eric Thibodeau
NHDOT Project Manager
[email protected]

  • If funding is “Federal”, your contact is

Tobey ReynoldsNHDOT
NHDOT Project Manager
[email protected]

  • Also send a copy to the local NHDOT maintenance district and the town select board or city council where the project is located.

Need help? Email Tim Blagden, the Bike-Walk Policy Committee Chair who provided this handy guide.