About Bike Walk Alliance of New Hampshire

The Bike-Walk Alliance of NH educates, advocates and agitates to improve conditions for walking and biking statewide.

Statement of Purpose

Bike Walk Alliance of New Hampshire educates, advocates and agitates to improve walking and bicycling conditions statewide.


  • Strong Membership:  A large and engaged membership provides the capacity to create better conditions.
  • Significant Policy Accomplishments:  Better conditions come about as a result of better policy.
  • Sustainable Business Model:  Serving NH walkers and bikers well into the future.
  • Ability to Mobilize:  Turning out supporters on important issues.


BWANH also builds capacity for change by providing fiscal sponsorship for the following affiliate organizations:

Who We Are

Rebecca Harris, Board President

Rebecca is also Director of Transport NH, a network of organizations working to create an integrated transportation system that gives people options for getting around.  Other groups she serves include Bike Manchester, NH Transit Association, State Coordinating Council for Community Transportation, NH Alliance for Healthy Aging, and HEAL NH.

Greg Bakos, Board Vice President

Greg is an engineering principal at VHB in Bedford.  He’s also a League of American Bicyclists Master Certified Instructor and co-chair of the NH Rail Trail Coalition.

Dave Topham, Board Treasurer

As founder of BWANH in 2006 and co-founder of the Granite State Wheelmen bicycling club, Dave has been actively involved in group cycling and bicycling education since 1971. He uses his vast experience and connections to help BWANH create change.

Phil Goff, Board Secretary

Phil is the New England Planning Leader for Alta Planning + Design, a Portland OR-based consulting firm with a field office in Cambridge, Mass. Phil has a long history with pedestrian and bicycle advocacy in NYC, Portland OR and in Arlington MA where he lives.  A native of Keene, Phil brings his roadway design and trail planning experience to projects throughout New Hampshire and neighboring states.

Paula Bedard, Board Member

Paula is an avid bike commuter, League of American Bicyclists Safe Cycling instructor, and bike advocate.  Her advocacy efforts include participation in local community rail trail activities, Friends of the Goffstown Rail Trail, Bike Manchester, Manchester Moves, and She Rides Seacoast. Paula is committed to promoting safe cycling education throughout NH at both the community and state level.

Tim Blagden, Board Member,  Policy Committee Chair

Tim was the Executive Director from 2013 to 2016.  When he moved on to new opportunities, his passion for the work of BWANH led him to volunteer as chair of the Policy Committee, where he can put his vast knowledge to good use.

Charles Cautley, Board Member

Charles has a passion for bicycling safety and is a key contributor in our annual campaign.  He has extensive contacts through his global roles with Oracle, AT&T, Price Waterhouse, General Electric and TomTom.

Chuck Redfern, Board Member

Chuck Redfern has a long history with Pathways for Keene, a group of volunteers that promotes the development, maintenance, and use of alternative transportation in the City of Keene.  Chuck brings a wealth of experience in event organizing and fund raising.

Leslie Thompson, Membership Coordinator, Bike Ed Coordinator, and Bookkeeper

Leslie brings skill and passion to her three roles at BWANH.  She helps us grow our membership and keeps our data current, oversees our successful Youth Bike Ed program, which taught over 4000 youngsters the basics of bike safety in 2016, and keeps our finances in order.

Major Benefactors

The “You Have Our Trust” Fund of the NH Charitable Foundation

Granite State Wheelmen Bicycle Club

Granite State Wheelmen Bicycle Club members founded BWANH. The GSW is a long time strong supporter of our mission with both financial support and volunteer support from the membership. As the largest road riding bicycle club in NH, the GSW membership is a great resource for information about road conditions from the cyclist’s perspective. We sincerely appreciate their support in all its forms. For more information on GSW click here.

BWANH is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, and net contributions are tax-deductible.
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